Realtors are licensed professionals who help consumers buy and sell real estate. Long ago, residential Realtors would spend hours combing through books to find their client the perfect home. They would schedule appointments by phone, find comparable’s by searching tax records. It was a very time consuming profession and Realtors worked incredibly hard to complete a sale. In the past, real estate agencies in addition would have spent more money advertising in newspapers and magazines. Today, the cost to advertise is minimal if not free. It just makes sense the commission fees charged by the agencies and agents back before computers were invented were very fair.

Today everything has been automated. Realtors now have computers that do the scheduling, find the listings and compile the comparable’s. In addition, very little newspaper adverting is paid out by the agencies. It would take a Realtor twice the time spent in the past to represent his seller or buyer. Today, you would think that Realtors would have adjusted their commission fees accordingly,but that has not happened.

Realtors won’t talk about the time saving advantages the internet has provided because most don’t want to charge you less for their services. Why would they discuss the benefits of a discounted commission fee when they don’t have too. The computer has changed the way a house is found and the way a house is sold. If consumers are willing to pay what the norm was in the past was, why would Realtors talk about a reduced commission structure when they don’t have to. I recommend you check out if your looking to buy or sell your next home.