Real Estate commission rebates have been around for some time now. Most buyers don’t take advantage of these money saving deals. Commission rebates help defer closing costs or put cash back in your pocket. Large companies don’t offer commission rebates, that would dent their bottom line.

Rate Cut Realty Offers

Buy-Side Commission Rebates Nationwide
The Lowest Nationwide Sell-Side List Fees

Rate Cut Realty is an Independent Realty Company

Online home shopping has changed everything. Buyers are entitled to a cash rebates in today’s market. Home shoppers are more independent and do much of the leg work themselves. The agent schedules appointments and provides sale comparisons to justify an asking price. Therefore, if you’re finding homes online first, why does your Realtor deserve the entire commission?

Rate Cut Realty Understands

We rebate up to 50% of our commissions back to our clients. We guarantee all rebates in writing. You will save thousands of dollars while being represented the nations fastest growing network of Independent Realtors. Don’t currently have a Realtor, Rate Cut Realty will provide a top Realtor in your area and guarantee your rebate.

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