Rate Cut Realty Buyers

Our Buyers are receiving 50% of our commissions back in the Chicago Metropolitan Area and up to 50% Nationwide as a Commission Rebate at closing. Rate Cut Realty services are offered Nationwide! A Buyer Client of Rate Cut Realty outside the Chicago Metro Area will be introduced to a polished Rate Cut Network Realtor who will help you find that perfect home. Every independent Realtor in our network follows a comprehensive list of services when representing our Buyer Clients. Rate Cut Realty is NOT a discount brokerage house! The list of services below will help insure every Buyer Client is completely satisfied with Rate Cut Realty representation. Rebates are void in ( AK, AL, IA, KS, LA, MO, MS, OK, OR, TN).

Buyer agent services that provide our clients complete representation:

1. All Buyer Brokers’ in our Network must belong to a Multiple Listing Service in the area where the client home is located.

2. Agent will set newly activated MLS home search alerts.

3. Buyer Broker Agents will provide comparative marketing studies including consultation on recent home sales to help buyers understand current home values.

4. Buyer Broker Agents will set appointments to view active homes for buyers to consider.

5. Buyer Broker Agents will complete the purchase offer contract, negotiate on your behalf and complete the disclosure acknowledgment process to contractually obligate sellers at an agreed price.

6. Buyer Broker Agents will request sellers to provide home warranty coverage included in contract negotiation. Advise buyers on reputable home inspection companies to insure they understand the homes condition prior to closing. Recommend Radon detection companies to insure the safety of the homes current radon levels. Recommend buyers engage the services of a closing attorney to represent them during the process and at closing.

7. Buyer Broker Agents will schedule and attend home inspections and final walk through.


Buyers working with the Rate Cut Realty nationwide network of Independent Realtors will receive up to 50% of buyer-side commissions paid to their buyer broker Realtor back as their rebate at closing. That means on a $500,000 purchase price and a buyer-side commission of 3.5%, you will receive $8,750 back in Cash. This cash rebate will be paid to you at closing or can be used as a reduction in your closing costs


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Nationwide, Satisfied Buyers are receiving their rebates, What About Your Rebate! Register below or call 312-961-4902 today. Registration is free and there is no obligation. Void where prohibited (AK, AL, IA, KS, LA, MO, MS, OK, OR, TN).