Edward WanlandOver 25+ years of experience in all MSA areas of Chicago. Licensed Realtor with Member Associations with National Association of Realtors, Illinois Association of Realtors and Midwest Real Estate MLS Board.

Rate Cut Realty is owned and operated by residential investment advisors providing the most reliable valuation metrics when determining a home’s value. The more accurate the valuation the quicker the sale. The quicker the sale, the more savings will be realized for buyers and sellers being represented.

Trust a Realtor who knows the facts. Rate Cut Realty is all about giving our clients facts. Facts are the most important tool any buyer or seller can have on their side when negotiating the purchase or setting the asking price. Skilled Realtors who know the area, market trends and recent sales are strategically providing buyers and sellers solid representation. Trust a company that has the experience to help you sell your home or buy a new home. Choose Rate Cut Realty today.

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