Edward WanlandThe Multiple Listing Service (MLS for short) is a system by which realtors share listing information on all types of properties. The MLS is more commonly used to share residential property information between real estate professionals. Real estate brokers enter listing information into an online software system that contains all the property specifics. By doing so, buyer brokers and selling brokers share in private all the detailed information among each MLS member Realtor. The service provides listing brokers not only a way to share information about a property between member brokers but also what the compensation commission fee split is being offered to buyer brokers.

Accessing the MLS and placing listing information available for sale can only be accomplished through a Realtor who is a member of that specific local MLS. Consumers can obtain every available residential property nationwide through Realtor.com but will have access to limited property information on each listing. The MLS is by far the best way to market any residential home. The MLS is the most widely used online data bank shared by Real Estate professionals. Sellers of residential properties that do not engage the services of a member MLS Realtor greatly limit the marketing exposure of their home.

Rate Cut Realty understands most consumers do most of the work, searching online to locate that perfect home. By doing so, Rate Cut Realty believes sellers deserve deeply discounted Real Estate commissions and buyer’s deserve cash back Realtor commissions in the form cash rebates at closing. Rate Cut Realty is not a discount Real Estate company, but a Full Service Real Estate company offering deep discounts and rebates to our clients.

Learn more at ratecutrealty.com and see how you can access your local MLS for less. Rate Cut Realty is a Nationwide Real Estate broker owned company where consumers save big money when buying or selling Real Estate.

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